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Standard EDIF Translators for Mentor Graphics

E-studio Pro plug-in for DesignArchitect - Allows you to read and write DesignArchitect databases within E-studio Pro and apply to them all the functionality of E-studio Pro.

Mentor Graphics Schematic Writer for Design Architect (esiwrite) - Translates a Mentor Graphics design into an EDIF file.

Mentor Graphics Schematic Reader for Design Architect (esiread) - Translates an EDIF file into a Mentor Graphics design.

Mentor Graphics Logical Netlist Writer for Design Architect (enwrite and eniwrite) -Translates a Mentor Graphics connectivity database to an EDIF file.

Mentor Graphics Logical Netlist Reader for Design Architect (enread and eniread) - Translates an EDIF file into a Mentor Graphics connectivity database.

Mentor Graphics Logical Netllist Reader for Tau (edif2nnl) - Translates an EDIF file into a Mentor Graphics NNL format.

Mentor Graphics PCB/MCM Writer for BoardStation* (epiwrite) - Translates a BoardStation design into an EDIF V 4 0 0 file.

Mentor Graphics PCB/MCM Reader for BoardStation* (epiread) - Translates an EDIF V 4 0 0 file into a BoardStation design.
*Available TBD


Platforms Supported

  • SUN Sparc Sun OS 4.1.4
  • SUN Sparc Solaris 2.5 and later versions
  • HP PA-Risc HP-UX 9.05,10.20, 11.0 and later versions
  • Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP

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