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E-studio Pro is a powerful schematic visualization software designed to organize all electronic engineering data into a single visual environment regardless of their original CAD platform. 

  • E-studio Pro allows easy sharing dissemination of electronic data throughout the enterprise, over a corporate intranet or the internet.
  • E-studio Pro is cost effective. It includes a free viewer, free semantic and syntax checkers.
  • E-studio Pro uses standard formats such as EDIF and EdaXML. A brand new plug-in technology allows it to access native databases of most leading EDA platforms.
  • E-studio Pro supports industry standard file formats
  • E-studio Pro software is designed with two levels:
    • The first level is for the non-technical user who needs to view or review the schematics of the electronic part of a product.
    •  The second level is for the expert user who needs to verify an electronic assembly and possibly add comments or properties.
  • User-friendly based on windows standards interface, which allows even new users to comfortably navigate through the operations.
  • E-studio Pro contains built-in powerful tools that allow you to check a file's for correctness and select its graphical view for the most informative representation.

 E-studio Pro has 7 major components:

Schematic Viewer: E-studio Pro can be used to view EdaXML, EDIF, OrCAD Capture databases, PADS ASCII databases, Viewdraw databases, DesignArchitect databases, etc. You can look at schematic pages and symbols (pan, zoom in, zoom out) add markups (rectangle, polygon, path, free form, text annotations), select objects and report on them.

Netlist Comparator: Given 2 EDIF netlists, it can compare them and give you a report on the differences.

Schematic Comparator: Given 2 EDIF Schematics, it can compare them and give you a report on the differences.

Schematic Generator: Given an input netlist, it can generate a schematic from it and then you can look at it and save it in any format supported by E-studio Pro, the most popular choice being XML, EDIF 2 0 0, EDIF 3 0 0 or EDIF 4 0 0. It can automatically generate default symbols or use your own symbol libraries.

XML Writer: Writes standard EdaXML.

EDIF V 2 0 0 Writer:Writes standard EDIF 2 0 0.

EDIF V 3 0 0/4 0 0 Writer: Writes standard EDIF 4 0 0.

Native EDA Database Readers and Writers: ViewDraw, DesignArchitect, OrCAD Capture, ConceptHDL. Each of these native databases is supported by a special E-studio Pro plug-in that can be purchased from the corresponding EDA vendor.

The following functions are included with the above modules:

  • XML, EDIF 2 0 0, EDIF 3 0 0, and EDIF 4 0 0 schematics reader
  • PADS ASCII schematic files reader
  • An EdaXML syntax and semantics checker
  • An EDIF syntax and semantics checker
  • A netlist and schematic flattener
  • Page merger to merge several schematic pages into one schematic page
  • Hierarchy browser that can be used to explore both schematics and netlists
  • XML Reader

Platforms Supported:  Windows XP, Win 7, Win 8.x, Win 10

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