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E-Station  is a Cross Probing, Viewing and Netlist Comparison tool used for data review, collaboration and debugging. It is designed for Users who need to access schematic and board in testing or manufacturing environments where CAD packages are not available. It is also  helpful to Users working in heterogeneous environments where front-end and back-end tools come from different CAD Vendors. Examples of such multi-Vendor environments are Mentor's DxDesigner schematic + Cadence's Allegro PCB layout or Cadence's OrCAD Capture schematic + Mentor's PADS PCB layout, etc.

  • E-Station supports Cross Probing between schematic and board for easy view, test and debug
  • E-Station allows schematic viewing with support of simple and complex hierarchies
  • E-Station  supports markups for data annotating and collaboration
  • E-Station  PCB Viewer is provided by Sun-Up Software and is specifically customized to help Testing and Manufacturing engineers
  • E-station Viewers visualize their internal formats which allow the tool to operate in testing and manufacturing environments where no CAD or EDA software is available.
  • E-Station  includes intelligent Netlist Comparator which allows comparing two schematics or comparing schematic against the board.
  • E-Station supports Vendor formats from most EDA schematic and layout platforms.
  • E-station supports industry standard formats like EDIF for schematics and GenCAD for PCB
  • E-Station  provides additional tools like  BOM generator, etc.

 E-Station has 3 major components:

Schematic Viewer: E-station's  Schematic Viewer can be used to look at schematic pages and symbols (pan, zoom in, zoom out), add markups (rectangle, polygon, path, free form, text annotations), select objects and report on them and cross probe to board.

PCB Viewer : E-station's  PCB Viewer allows easy navigating the board for viewing, testing and debugging purpose. The PCB Viewer allows board rotation, view from the rare, find a part and see all signals on its pins, track a signal through all layers, cross probe to schematic. 

Netlist Comparator: E-station's  Neltist Comparator can compare two schematic designs, two board neltists. It can compare schematic with the corresponding board and provide interactive report on differences.

Schematic formats supported: Altium Designer, Altium PCAD, Cadence's OrCAD Capture, Cadence's ConceptHDL, Mentor's PADS Powerlogic, Mentor's DxDesigner,  EDIF 200, EDIF300, etc.

Layout formats supported: Altium PCAD PCB, Cadence's Allegro PCB, Mentor's PADS PCB, Mentor Board Station PCB, Mentor Expedition PCB, GenCAD, etc.

The following functions are included with the E-station  tool:

  • Schematic Viewer with browsing/navigation, search and markup support
  • PCB Viewer with simple board roation, view from the rare, signal tracking
  • Cross probing between schematic and the board
  • Netlist comparator to compare schematic and the board
  • Hierarchy browser that can be used to explore both simple and complex hierarchies
  • XDC Reader and PCV Reader

Platforms Supported:  Windows XP, Win7, Win 8.x

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