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September 10, 2005


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Electronic Tools Company announces the creation of Elgris Technologies to continue development and marketing of its EDA technologies.

Sonoma, CA, September 10, 2005. Electronic Tools Company™ (E-tools) announced today the creation of Elgris Technologies, Inc. (Elgris). Elgris will inherit all E-Tools EDA products and personnel. E-Tools Business solutions and E-Government software will retain the E-Tools brand name. This decision was taken to stop the confusion in the minds of E-Tools new customers for its Business and Government solutions.

About Elgris Technologies, Inc.™ (Elgris)

Elgris specializes in high quality Translators for the EDA market. It produces many of the XML and EDIF translators for Mentor Graphics and Cadence EDA Platforms. More information about Elgris is available from its web site www.elgris.com. Elgris headquarters are in Santa Rosa, California.

About Electronic Tools Company

Electronic Tools Company (E-Tools) is now producing many products for an integrated E-Government solution and a number of Business solutions. More information about E-Tools is available from its web site at www.e-tools.com  . Electronic Tools Company is headquartered in Sonoma, California.

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